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What is Skyledger

Welcome to Skyledger

Skyledger is a third generation blockchain platform invented by the developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum to implement Satoshi’s original vision and solve the existing problems with the standard blockchain platforms.

Truly Decentralized Consensus Algorithm

Skyledger implements a new distributed consensus algorithm called Obelisk, which distributes influence over the network according to a “web of trust”. Skyledger corrects the major security flaws and “centralizing tendencies” associated with blockchain networks in which consensus is based on Proof of Work (i.e. Bitcoin) or Proof of Stake algorithms (i.e. Ethereum).

Fastest Transactions and Infinite Scalability

Skyledger platform is built to compete with credit cards and services like AliPay/Apple Pay and allows for an unlimited number of transactions per second. Transactions happen in seconds, not in minutes or hours like in Ethereum and Bitcoin. Skyledger has no blocksize limit and it can be adapted to any transaction rate.

High Level of Security

Since Skyledger is not based on mining, it is more secure and reliable than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Skyledger platform cannot be 51% attacked and does not rely on the decision of a single stake holder.

No Transaction Fees: Coin-hour mechanism

Skyledger transactions do not require a fee and no coins are spent to confirm a transaction. Skyledger uses instead a coin-hour mechanism. Users receive coin-hours for holding their tokens and coin-hours can be spent to confirm transactions.

Independent Blockchains for each token

Each coin on Skyledger has its own blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, Skyledger does not force all the data on earth into a single database. Skyledger provides independent data storage to each token to ensure that their value develops independently from each other.

Energy Sustainable Blockchain Platform

Skyledger platform is energy sustainable and saves electricity cost. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skyledger does not require billions of dollars a year in mining cost.


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